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Violinmakers have a variety of woods to choose from. For the backs, necks and scroll I use the following in my instruments: maple both quarter sawn and slab cut , sycamore, poplar, and burl. Each has its own unique appearance and characteristics. For the tops I use either Engleman spruce or Sitka spruce. I use only wood that has air dried for many years.

In addition to various woods there are a variety of models and styles from the traditional classical old Italian for violins violas and cellos to modern and baroque design for the violas.

Please click on the buttons (above) to see samples of my work. The violin and cello pictured are of classic design. The wood in the violin back is quarter sawn maple with a wide dramatic flame. The cello is slab cut with a unique grain pattern. The Viola is a 17.25 in. baroque style instrument. All violas and cellos have an individualized design carved into the heel of the peg box and a letter D carved into the bottom.

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Thomas DeLuca, Luthier

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